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We respect the people living nearby which is why we have invested and continue to invest in machinery such as rotary cutters in order to decrease noise and vibrations on any buildings close by.


Between the years of 1950 and 1960 we worked on many Government projects in Valletta including the Mediterranean Hall Centre and main roads surrounding the outskirts of the city. Drainage works were in demand and the company also trenched and laid power cables in Valletta, as the old ones were not sufficient anymore. The city was developing rapidly, especially when it came to the increase of offices. In the 60s there were more developments such as the Danish Park in Ghadira, the demolition of the barracks left behind by the British army and construction of roads surrounded by boundary walls. New bypass roads were formed in Qawra, St Paul’s Bay, Birkirkara and so many more.


Other than Government projects we also worked on private projects such as:

  • The Playmobil                       
  • The Suncrest Hotel
  • The Qawra Palace Hotel
  • The Mistra Village
  • The National Stadium         
  • Meridian Wine Yard
  • Marsovin Winery
  • Farsons Brewery
  • Lowenbrou Brewery             
  • Topaz Hotel
  • Dolmen Hotel                       
  • Hilton Hotel
  • St George’s Hotel                   
  • The Malta International Airport

Our Skills

Our employees all have a great understanding of the business and we have the experience needed to provide you with excellent results every time. Our range of services is large and we are constantly expanding and making sure that we provide our clients with a holistic service.


We have worked on a vast number of projects through the years which means that we have seen and worked on every situation possible, you can rest assured that your project will be finished in time and you will be presented with a job well done.

Our work

Latest Projects

We have worked on Bidnija real estate and VGT Kordin, scarifying existing tarmac and replay of the new base and wearing course. We worked on Portomaso Block 31, the removal of the planter, construction of walls and drain pipe laid as well. We worked on The Dolmen Hotel in Qawra as they upgraded their hotel with a new underground sewer system and new parking facilities. We did some road repairs on Spinola Road in St Julian’s and new main and sewers are also part of what we provide. The road repairs that we provide all are as per road regulations stipulated for T M Conditions.

Other services